Monday, September 10, 2007

A night out

It was nice to see the guys at Mullin's few nights ago...

I arrived there after my afternoon, to meet David. David is a controller in Australia, and he took leave of absence and travelled throughout Europe for 5 months with his family in a motorhome.
He was in town before finally returning back home, and since we have met many times for conferences around the world, I thought I couldn't miss the chance to see him here and offer him a beer on my home turf.

At the pub Dave was there as well. Dave is also Australian, but he has been working here for about 7-8 years now and on October 4th, he will leave to return home for good. It's been great meeting him, he is really a friendly and laid back person, and I wish him the best once back. Have a good life back home mate, take good care of yourself!! Maybe one day we'll meet down there, or should I say, Down Under...

So now, back to my life...


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