Saturday, August 11, 2007

Miracles do happen

I was watching E! tv... in all honesty, it isn't the best kind of tv you can imagine, reporting gossip and stories about Hollywood personalities, parties and so on... those kind of things I personally couldn't care less about, to make things clear.

But I normally watch a show, called "Dr. 90210". It's a show about few private clinics in Beverly Hills, specialized in plastic surgeries and other procedures to improve looks, and the quality of life together with it. Normally they deal with women willing to improve their breasts or nose, or trying to liposuck themselves back to teen age beauty.

Amongst that, already once I saw one episode where few doctors flew down to Mexico and helped "pro bono" a lot of locals with all kinds of physical deformities.

But the latest episode I watched really touched me. It was about a young Mexican man, just 18 years old, who was born in south Mexico and found his way up to the U.S. in search for a better life. His name is Juan.
Juan was born poor and with a really bad cleft lip and cleft palate, so bad you could see through his throat and skull. Needless to say, he was ashamed, he had severe speach impediments and he probably knew this is how he was supposed to be for all his life, unfortunately. Probably because of his condition, Juan is a very humble and reserved man, simple but his eyes tell words about his heart. One day, while selling fruit at a street corner, a woman of good heart called Ivonne, a hispanic american, stopped by him and made contact. She was so touched about his story, took at heart Juan's condition and wrote a letter for help to dr. Robert Rey, a plastic surgeon in BH.
Dr. Rey is an adoptee from Brazil, so he knows the hardship of a unfortunate childhood, but hey, he made it in style graduating at medical schools in both UCLA and Harvard! But most importantly, he is a top class surgeon and a seemingly very good and kind person. Read his resume, he is really... wow... what he has done and achieved speak volumes.

After reading Ivonne's mail, dr. Rey decided he needed to help Juan cos his courageous life deserved it. So he and fellow surgeon dr. Charles Stewart operated Juan's badly damaged face at the Summit Surgical Center and they arranged full care for him at the Majestic Recovery Retreat and also arranged some speach pathologist to take care of him. And it was all done in good will to help Juan's life, as he could never afford such procedure.

It was such an amazing beautiful human story, and I'd like to share it because sometimes people remember that after all, there isn't much better than do good in life to someone in need. The satisfaction and gratification cannot be described when you do it, but all too often we forget this.

Needless to say both Juan and Ivonne were overwhelmed and grateful for such a life changing experience. They both cried in joy and disbelief, it was just a sweet moment to witness. Juan now has normal looks, boosting his confidence and allow him to express himself too, articulating words he couldn't even dream to pronounce.

Hopefully now Juan will have the good fortune of a better life under all aspects. Good luck young man!


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how's Juan today?
id like look some pics of him..

Monday, September 29, 2008  

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