Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A ray of light, a ray of hope...

The 2006 ended with Saddam Hussein being hanged, an action that will surely spark more violence in the region. Hussain was a murderer, a war criminal and whatever symbolizes evil, he has been responsible for 1000s of deaths, undescribable pains and inhuman actions. However, in my opinion, killing him is just being like him. And let's not forget he was West's best ally when he was fighting against Iran in the 1980s, and he therefore was supported, paid and armed by our governments. Killing him now is the will to cover up all that. He should have rotten in a prison cell for the rest of his days, and so should the ones who armed and befriended him.
The 2007 started off even worse, with an airliner crashing in Indonesia. It's unclear, as of now, how high the death toll will be, but as with all aviation tragedies, it won't come at bargain price in terms of casualties.

I hope these were just "mishaps" before the world gets its act together and delivers a wonderful 2007 to everyone.

I surely feel good and happy lately, I wish everyone the same. Happy New Year!


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