Thursday, August 24, 2006

Elpelso's thoughts

An unexpected post. Actually, earlier than planned. Sooner or later I will say something about my friends, Marco (aka EB), Jerry (aka CA) and.... Pelso (aka MG) ... we have the same passion, basketball, and we work together too, and in the past couple of years we have been to LA to attend some ball games at the Staples Center, where the Clippers and the Lakers play their home games. More about this in the near future, promise.

So, why writing about this now?

Because Pelso presented me with an fantastic Clippers jersey of one of my favourite players... on my calendar, it's no Xmas, no B'day either...

Cool, thanks Pelso! That's AWSOME! Really appreciate the gesture even more than the great CADEAU!

What, how is Pelso? He is a unique person ( I know everyone is, but he is more unique, if you get what I mean...), sometimes a bit short fused (reminds me of someone else, ehm....uhm.... me??) and with some peculiar ideas (damn, I even agree with him most of the times, does this make me a wierdo too???? No, I think this makes us both right!!) but definitely a good man and a good friend, with a lovely family.... btw, his wife is also a friend-slash-colleague... on the down side, his major problem, and he should really need some professional help here, is that he likes SAABs vehicles.... what the hell, nobody's perfect, after all!!

By the way, have a look at his blog, Elpelso's Thoughts, it's full of funny videos and really interesting news and links... much more high end than mine, really worth a click!

See you next week Pelso!
Oh yeah, there is someone else I really like in Clippers' gear... :)


Blogger Steven said...

Surprised you didn't mention my love for that fruity computer firm... Thanks for the kind words, my blog isn't nearly that high-end as you make it out to be... And having a look at your pictures, maybe I should have gotten you a CaveMan shirt instead... LOL... Anyways, you're very welcome on the shirt... It just felt like something I needed to do... Maybe I like you too, who knows... I have just one question... What the f*** is an MG ?

Friday, August 25, 2006  
Blogger Raf said...

Now your love for Apples (all kinds!) is mentioned... :) and all the good words are real, you know best I always speak my mind...
No, the jersey's number is perfect, the pic was chosen because it's the only one with a clear front shot of Singleton. CaveMan is in the same pic by chance, which is never bad anyway!
Mor. Gr. rings a bell?? :)
Thanks again man!

Friday, August 25, 2006  

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